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1. The politician says that he will __ the welfare of the people.

A prey on B take on C get at D see to

2. We had difficulties at first but everything worked __ smoothly in the end.

A off B out C away D up

3. There is no easy solution to Japan’s labor__.

A decline B vacancy C rarity D shortage

4. This ticket__ you to a free meal in our new restaurant.

A gives B grants C entitles D credits

5. We need some sunshine; so we have__ up our minds to go abroad this year.

A set B made C brought D given



1. 选D① see to注意,照料 Who is seeing to the arrangement for the next meeting? ② prey on猎取食物,折磨 An eagle preys on smaller birds. ③take on 承担(任务)She took on the task with great courage. ④get at够得着Could you get at the top shelf?

2. 选B ①work out有……好的结果I hope the new job works out for you.② work off借工作活动清除掉 He often works off his anger.③work away继续In spite of all the difficulties, she worked away at her research work.④work up逐步形成,渐渐发展 He worked up the firm from nothing.

3. 选D ①shortage匮乏,缺乏 The work remains unfinished owing to shortage of staff.②vacancy (职位/位置的)空闲 There is a good vacancy for a typist in the company.③ rarity(物/现象的)很少见 Rain is a rarity in the Sahara.

4. 选C ①entitle赋予,给予entitle sb to sth或entitle sb to do。 If you fail three times, you are not entitled to do any more.②give可接双宾语,但直接宾语前不用介词t:You visits may give some comfort to the patient.③ grant同意,准予,授予 grant sth (to sb)/ grant sb sth:The general granted us permission to visit the military base.④ credit相信,认为 Until now I have always credited you with more sense.

5. 选B ①set one’s mind on (to) 决心要,很想要 We’ve set our minds on a visit to the Great Wall.② bring sth to mind想起 The photo brings to our mind the days we spent together.③ give one’s mind to 注意某事物As a student, you should give your mind to study.


1. The mother said she would __ her son washing the dishes if he could finish his assignment before supper.

A let down B let alone C let off D let out

2. This kind of material can __ heat and moisture.

A delete B compel C constrain D repel

3. Understanding the cultural habits of another nation, especially __ containing as many different subcultures as the United States, is a complex task.

A one B the one C that D such

4. In order to raise money, Aunt Nicola had to __ with some of her most treasured possessions.

A divide B separate C part D abandon

5. The new appointment of our president __ from the very beginning of next semester.

A takes effect B takes part C takes place D takes turns




1. 选C ①let off原谅,不处罚,放过 With your record, you can hardly expect to let off lightly.

② let down使失望,食言③let alone别管,别烦Let her alone! She didn’t pick a quarrel with you.④ let out让……离开Open the door and let the cat out.

2. 选D ①delete消去,删除 Delete his name from the list of applicants.②compel强迫,迫使(运用权利/力量对方采取行动)He was compelled by illness to give up his studies.③constrain 限制,约束(强调内心情感),后接不定式 His activities must be constrained.④ repel排斥,抵制,防,抗We should not repel but protect young people’s enthusiasm.

3.选A 依语意以句子结构,此处需要一个代词,表泛指,则选one;而the one表特指 Please get the chair for me, the one in the corner.

4.选C ①part 不及物动词 “分别,离别”Scarcely an hour has passed since we parted.②divide分,划分Is the land to be divided up or sold as a whole?③separate使……分离④abandon抛弃,放弃The order was given to abandon ship.

5.①take effect(药物)见效,(法律等)生效The new system of taxation will take effect next May.②take part参加③take place发生,举行④take turns轮流,依次They are unwilling to take turns at the same computer.

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