feelings in national day

更新时间:2016/12/13 8:56:04

During the national day, I have been with my families for most of the time. Though I was imprudent of the chilling weather and came down with illness, I still felt very joyful when seeing my folks in good condition. Actually however happy or miserable my life is, I do not care too much. What I am concerned about most is my family. So long as they live happily and healthily, I will mind my own business without the least concern about them. That is precisely the greatest happiness to me.

The person I feel concerned about most is my grandpa. He is 76 years old this year. Since my dear grandma went to Heaven, I realize he has been aging rapidly. He is not as strong as before. He has pined enormously with more wrinkles crawling along his forehead and cheeks. His hair has been grey as if covered with a layer of snow. His eyes are misted with a slice of melancholy, though he was more than gleeful when seeing me safe and sound. I know he is pretending to be happy all the time in order to get us rid of worry about him, but his sadness cannot escape my sharp eyes. I cannot remember how many times he has been tearing alone in his room. His engrained love towards grandma is beyond anyone’s wildest dream. That is also the thing for which I admire him most. So I think grandma must feel very comforted when knowing someone is still loving her wholeheartedly.

During the holidays all of my cousins came to my home for a big meal. It has been a long time since we met last time, about one year ago. My elder cousin is working in an HK-based company in Shenzhen and has few holidays. Hence it is hard to meet him and take a time to have a chat. He is engaged in the stocks market. He is as busy as a bee, so am I. therefore, though we are in the same city, we touch each other little. We just send some regards and wishing messages to one another.

But there is no feast that will not come to an end. When we were departing, we felt somewhat sad and were reluctant to lose the hold with each other. I really hope we can reunion in the winter holiday.

Now I am at school. After being crazy for several days, it is the high time I should pick up my strength again and strive for my goal. During the rest of this semester, I will try my best to reach my targets, among which BEC Higher may be the most difficult one. But I believe no one else can beat you except yourself. I will move forward firmly.

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